The Ballooner Rebbe

Introducing Entertainment For All Ages

Welcome to the website for The Ballooner Rebbe! If you're looking for something to make your next event a magical experience, call on The Ballooner Rebbe to provide the mesmerizing skill of morphing skinny balloons into giant cartoon characters, animals, flowers and more! Never-before-seen sculptures and friendly, clean interaction with children is what makes The Ballooner Rebbe such a great addition to your child's event. Adults are able to socialize while the kids are entertained. Everything about The Ballooner Rebbe is professional, from the promptness of the setup to the cleanup afterwards. Your satisfaction is guaranteed and you will experience the highest degree of balloon sculpting.


Please look through the rest of the site for more information, and view some pictures of the balloon sculptures that can light up your party. For more information visit:

Not Available on Saturday